Welcome to the Greenhouse

An omics knowledgebase for algal feedstocks

The goal of the Greenhouse is to provide a centralized website to display and share sequence-based data relevant to the improvement and advancement of algal production feedstocks. This website includes:

  • Consistent annotations across all algae species and strains.
  • Data and Information Searches
  • Numerous comparative analysis and interactive visualizations to help investigators discover emergent properties of complex systems (i.e. tracking algae and/or bacterial loads in open cultivation systems). Exportable sequences and other specifics about the data used to create your custom visualizations.
  • Rich, interactive visualizations that support a bird’s-eye genomic view of the conservation (or lack thereof) of particular genes of interest, quick selection of gene targets for genetic engineering, discerning gene/proteins with multiple homologs or paralogs within multi-omics datasets.
  • Freely available data and analysis results, presented in tabular, graphic, and downloadable formats.

Genome analysis tools

for algal production strain development

Genomics and comparative analysis tools include:

  • Perform global searches or conduct advanced searches based on Taxonomy, Gene Name, Locus Tag, Protein Function/Families, Pathways, EC Numbers, GO Terms, etc.
  • Perform BLAST searches against genome-specific databases stored within the Greenhouse.

  • Future expansion efforts
    • Integration of metadata (i.e. lipid accumulation and aerial productivity), metabolomics, and phenomics information.
    • Personal workspaces to allow users to manage/analyze saved data within your customized groups.

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